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Mastering the art of construction since 2006


To redefine the concept of home by crafting personalized spaces that blend innovative design, sustainability, and the unique vision of every client, making Neuhaven synonymous with the creation of spaces that are not just lived in but deeply loved.

Neuhaven's mission is to deliver unparalleled custom homes that exceed client expectations through meticulous craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and a deeply personalized approach. We aim to transform dreams into reality by closely collaborating with our clients, understanding their needs and desires, and bringing their vision to life with precision, transparency, and integrity.

Our Journey


Jeff, owner and founder, strikes out on his own.  Securing several smaller projects just to survive the year, he forges on to build a brand. That brand would come to be known as Neuhaven Developments Inc.


2008 was the start of the financial crisis in the USA and would have far reaching effects on Canada and the build industry. 2008-09 would prove to be a difficult environment for business. With some good luck and timing Neuhaven managed to weather the storm!


Neuhaven's 5 year anniversary. What a privilege it is to say you have lasted 5 years in business. Things are looking great for the future.


10 years! Neuhaven experiences unbelievable growth in the custom home build market. With a solid team built and online software for scheduling and financials, Neuhaven braces for a wild, upward climb!


World shut down. Covid had a devastating effect on some industries. Construction did better than most, however, timing on closed projects in March of 2020 meant Neuhaven had to pivot to absorb uncertainty in the world. Luckily towards the end of 2020 things started to go back to "normal".


The world is back. Consumer confidence is starting to rise again. World commodity pricing is strong and people are back in the spending mood. 2023 is looking good.


Neuhaven was blessed with some great clients and projects in 2023! They look forward to making 2024 a banner year for sales. 


We are cautiously optimistic for 2024. Interest rate pressure, inventory shortage, and a possible drought on deck have the industry facing some challenges. However, stabilized pricing of materials and new build techniques are helping to bring costs to a more manageable level this year.


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