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Rethink. Remodel. Restart.


Below you will find a brief description of what we offer.

Interior Designer

Consult and Design

The first step in any remodel is to get a clear scope of work nailed down. This lays a true path towards a common goal. Miscommunication is a big NO NO in any building project, especially when it comes to remodeling!

Wall Demolition


This is often overlooked when planning a remodel project. "Oh we can get anyone to do the demo." Um no you can't. Demo has to be done under strict supervision with qualified building personnel. A demo miscue can cost you a lot of money and time. Did we mention money, too?

Home Renovation


The rebuild stage is the most exciting. That fresh look starts to shine through. All the planning, design, and destruction has put you at the rebuild stage.This is where our talents really show. Nothing better than handing the keys over to your NEW house. We know its not 100% new but it will feel like it!

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