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Why build with Neuhaven?


Neuhaven has a fixed amount of builds it will do in a calendar year. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the project. Too many builds = Not enough time for YOU!

There are production builders and there are custom builders. We are the latter....or is it ladder???


Neuhaven uses a proprietary build software that keeps clients connected 24/7. This app allows you to view budgets, scheduling, To-Do's, and even make selections. All from the comfort of your beach chair in Mexico :)


We can tuck our foot behind our head. That is a lie. But we are flexible. Flexible with our time. Flexible with our clients demands and needs. Flexible with changes. Custom building a house has to have flexibility or you run into problems. So lets yoga!


Don't take our word for it......

"Neuhaven went above and beyond, even years after we moved in!"

Molly Daniel‏

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